At Profincom, we understand that every business's financial needs are unique. That's why, though our UK FCA regulated partner, we offer a wide range of specialized financial services designed to cater to various aspects of your business's growth and stability in UK. With years of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for delivering tailored financial solutions that empower businesses to thrive in today's dynamic economic landscape.

Our Services

  1. Unsecured Funding

    Access the capital you need without the hassle of collateral. Our unsecured funding solutions provide quick and flexible financing options to fuel your business growth.

  2. Debt Refinancing

    Streamline your finances and reduce your interest rates through our debt refinancing solutions. We'll help you manage your debt more effectively, freeing up resources for other critical investments.

  3. Revolving Cash Flow Facilities

    Maintain a steady cash flow to support your day-to-day operations. Our revolving cash flow facilities ensure that you have the liquidity required to seize opportunities and navigate financial challenges.

  4. Invoice Finance

    Turn your outstanding invoices into working capital. Our invoice finance services offer a way to unlock the funds tied up in your invoices, providing a valuable cash flow injection.

  5. Asset Finance

    Acquire essential assets for your business without straining your cash reserves. Our asset finance solutions enable you to spread the cost of acquiring equipment, vehicles, and other assets over time.

  1. Trade Finance

    Seamlessly engage in international trade with confidence. Our trade finance services mitigate risks and facilitate smooth cross-border transactions, allowing you to tap into global markets.

  2. Foreign Exchange

    Navigate the complexities of currency exchange with ease. Our foreign exchange solutions help you manage currency risk and optimize international payments.

  3. Equity Debt Financing

    Achieve the right balance between equity and debt. Our equity debt financing services assist you in structuring your capital to support growth while maintaining financial stability.

  4. Government Grants & Local Authority Funding

    Discover available funding opportunities to support your business. We assist you in identifying and accessing government grants and local authority funding programs that align with your goals.

At Profincom, our client-centric approach drives us to work closely with you, understanding your business objectives and financial challenges. We pride ourselves on offering not just financial services, but also strategic partnerships that contribute to your long-term success.

Why Choose Us?

  • Registered / virtual office services in Ireland

    Tailored Solutions We recognize that your business is unique. Our team crafts personalized financial solutions that align with your specific needs and goals..

  • Irish bank account introduction

    Expertise With a team of seasoned financial professionals, we bring in-depth industry knowledge and insights to every engagement

  • Accounting / payroll services in Ireland

    Flexibility We adapt to your evolving financial requirements, ensuring that our solutions remain effective as your business grows.

  • Accounting / payroll services in Ireland

    Transparency Clear communication and transparency are the cornerstones of our client relationships. You'll always know what to expect when working with us.

  • Accounting / payroll services in Ireland

    Results-Oriented Your success is our priority. We measure our success by the growth and achievements of your business.


Partner with us and experience the difference of having a dedicated financial partner by your side.

Contact us today to explore how our comprehensive financial services can propel your business toward a brighter and more prosperous future.

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