Irish Bank Account

EUR 2000+vat

At Profincom, we specialize in helping businesses establish bank accounts in Ireland. We've nurtured robust ties with major financial players in Ireland and throughout Europe. Every corporate bank account we help set up comes with online banking facilities by default.

Bank Accounts for Companies Registered in Ireland

Each company registered in Ireland is its own legal entity, necessitating a dedicated business bank account. Thanks to our efficient methods and established connections with Ireland's premier banks, we can facilitate your company's bank account registration within two weeks post incorporation. This service evolved in response to Ireland's stringent banking regulations, which can be daunting and lengthy for directors. Although many Irish banks typically demand in-person consultations with at least one company director, we provide remote account setups services through the video call with one of our bank account managers. Get in touch to determine your eligibility.

Cost of remote opening EUR 2000+VAT


Ireland stands tall as a prime hub for financial services in Europe. Opening a business bank account in Ireland offers several advantages for both domestic and international companies. Here are a few of the notable benefits:

Strong Regulatory Environment

Ireland has a robust and transparent regulatory framework, making the banking system stable and trustworthy. The Central Bank of Ireland oversees the country's financial institutions and ensures they adhere to international standards.

Gateway to Europe

Given its EU membership, a bank account in Ireland provides companies easy access to the European Single Market. This is especially beneficial for non-EU companies looking to do business in the European Union.

Tax Advantages

Ireland is known for its competitive corporate tax rates, and having a business bank account there can be an initial step towards benefiting from the nation's tax regime, especially for multinational corporations.


Advanced Banking Infrastructure

Irish banks offer state-of-the-art banking services, including advanced online banking facilities, which can be crucial for businesses operating in today's digital age.

Robust Support Network

Ireland boasts various agencies, such as IDA Ireland, dedicated to helping foreign businesses establish and grow. A business bank account can be a starting point to leverage these resources.

Currency Advantage

Having a bank account in Ireland allows businesses to deal in Euros, one of the world's major currencies, facilitating trade with other Eurozone countries without currency exchange hassles.

In conclusion, Ireland offers a compelling set of advantages for businesses aiming for growth and stability in the European market.

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