We provide a comprehensive range of consulting services for Irish company formations, as well as administrative support for all types of corporate activities in Ireland. Our expertise further extends to advisory and guidance on new corporate and investment structures, offering alternative options that involve various corporate vehicles such as companies, partnerships, foundations, trusts, and funds, both in Ireland and abroad.

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As experts in the field, we specialize in extensive range of banking services that include the establishment of business multicurrency current and investment accounts, global payment services, crypto-currency accounts,FX and merchant PSP solutions with a particular focus on providing business bank account openings for both Irish and foreign-based companies.

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Accounting & Tax

Provision of diverse range of accounting and tax services which are tailored to our clients individual business needs. We thrive on solving problems, reducing tax liabilities, easing the financial audit process, managing and planning for growth, and preparing for the future.

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Company Formation in Ireland is Easy With Us!

Have you been thinking of forming a company in Ireland?

Then now is the right time!

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When it comes to company formation in Ireland, , it is important to note that the process and requirements may vary based on the type of the company and specific circumstances. We will ensure that you receive the best possible advise and guidance in all legal and regulatory aspects of company formation in Ireland

Our Service

To assist you with Irish company formation and facilitation, we offer a wide range of support services in Ireland ranging from accounting and tax, corporate, banking and legal to international structures, merchant and licensing if your activities are within the fintech industry. We cater for both normal and high-risk activities clients. We work with each client supporting them every step of the way pre and post incorporation in Ireland or internationally.

You Are Unique, and So Are We!

We believe that each one of our clients is looking for something different. And that is why we customize our services to help you perfectly with what you need. It does not matter if you are a domestic or a foreign client, if you have been thinking of forming a company in Ireland, we have got you.

Irish Company Formation Costs

Our basic* company formation service is priced just at €200, plus VAT, including the Government Levy fee, bringing the total to €246. This package is inclusive of our price guarantee and is fully supported by our seasoned experts. You can reach out to them via call, email, or even visit us at our Dublin office for any queries. With a track record of advising both local and international entrepreneurs and commercial entities, we are committed to assisting you before, during, and post- formation. Providing exceptional service is our core ethos!

* this fee is chargeable for the formation of the Irish company where the client provides his own secretary and a registered business address in Ireland

We offer a huge range of services in relation to businesses including:


Company Registration


Company Secretarial Services


Accounting and Taxation


Business Advisory Services

We make sure that you get services customized to your requirement so that setting up a foreign company in Ireland does not seem like a dreadful task.

Our Expert Team - Ireland Company Formation at Its Best

We have a team of highly knowledgeable professionals who are experts in Irish company formation, in legal, tax and compliance matters both in Ireland and abroad

At Profincom, we are transforming ideas into thriving companies!

Our Expert Team - Ireland Company Formation at Its Best
  1. Our promise to you is a seamless company formation in Ireland , dedicated support, transparent and efficient processes and prices combined with an expert guidance on all matters of setting up your business in Ireland or abroad.

  2. Personalized services - We have designed our services in a way that are individually tailored to your every business requirement to make you and your business successful.

It is time for you to start forming a company in Ireland like you always wanted and expand your business and reach. Message us today and get started.

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We’ll Find A Way

Profincom LTD, together with our partner companies Clear Vision Accounting Services LTD, Ireland and Apex Fidutrust AG, Switzerland, is a professional business consulting boutique firm, based in Dublin, Ireland, specialising in Irish companies set up and administration, secretarial, financial and accounting services for both institutional and individual clients. With entrepreneurship mindset, along with our trusted business partners, we offer a full spectrum of fiduciary solutions including structuring and maintenance of Irish and international corporate entities, business bank account openings, and accounting and tax services. Our fast-growing firm is built on trustworthy, motivated professionals who are eager to collaborate and take on new challenges.
We turn challenges into solutions!

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