High-Risk Merchant Payment Processing

Certain industries, such as adult entertainment, online gaming, cryptocurrency, and nutraceuticals, are considered high-risk due to factors like regulatory scrutiny, higher chargeback rates, and potential legal complexities. We team up with hundreds of different payment service providers and banks, to offer the most suitable payment solutions to our wide range of online merchants. Together with our High-Risk Payment Service Providers (PSPs), we specialize in offering tailored solutions to businesses operating in these challenging industries.

We can support your business with the following:

  • high-risk

    High-Risk Merchant Account Setup We will assist in establishing merchant accounts specifically designed for high-risk industries. These accounts will enable your business to process credit card transactions and accept payments, despite the challenges typically associated with the high-risk sector.

  • global-payment

    Global Payment Processing Our High-Risk PSPs partners offer global payment processing capabilities, allowing your business to accept payments from customers around the world. They provide multi-currency support and have connections with acquiring banks and alternative payment methods, facilitating seamless and secure transactions across borders.

  • risk-management

    Risk Management and Fraud Prevention Our High-Risk PSPs partners employ advanced risk management tools and fraud prevention systems to mitigate the unique risks associated with high-risk industries. These systems analyze transaction data in real-time, detect suspicious activities, and implement measures to prevent fraudulent transactions, reducing chargebacks and potential losses.

  • transparent-fee

    Transparent Fee Structures Transparent fee structures, clearly outlining processing fees, chargeback fees, and any other applicable charges. This transparency would help you to manage your financials effectively and make informed decisions.

  • dedicated-customer-support

    Dedicated Customer Support Our partners provide dedicated customer support teams specialize in high-risk industries. These teams are well-versed in the unique challenges faced by businesses in these sectors and can provide you with a prompt assistance and expertise, ensuring smooth operations and resolving any payment-related issues promptly.

We have all the answers and all the solutions - no matter what business you are into

By partnering with us, your business can optimize your payment processes, reduce risks, and focus on core operations with confidence.

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