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Our Diamond Package, at a cost of €1890 (+VAT if applicable), is specially tailored to suit the needs of non-residents who wish to set up a limited company in Ireland. The complete package includes everything you need to set up your company such as

  • A Company Limited by Shares
  • Registered Office Address in Dublin
  • Corporation Tax Registration
  • Maintenance of Your Records
  • Preparation and Filing of Your First Annual Return
  • Beneficial owner registration
  • Irish Bank Account Opening

What’s included:


Private Limited Company in 3 to 5 days Your new Irish company will be formed 3-5 days after we receive original signed forms back from you. A limited Irish company is a separate legal entity from its owners,so your personal assets are protected by the limited financial liability status of the new company.


Companies Registration Office fee of €50 included Companies Registration Office (CRO) charges €50 for the incorporation services. This cost is included in the Package. The price you see if what you pay


Digital Certificate of Incorporation A PDF version of the Registration Certificate delivered to you by email. This is the most important document you need to keep safe. In Ireland, only digital version is ever sent by the CRO


Digital Constitution A PDF version of the Constitution delivered to you by email. The Companies Act 2014 has replaced the Memorandum of Articles of Association with a Constitution for LTD companies and hence becoming the new governing document for most companies. Constitution defines the relationship between the company,shareholders, directors; other officers of the company


Introduction to a Chartered Accountant We have partnered with Iaaps,one of Dublin’ top chartered accountant firms. Within 48 hours of your company being incorporated, Iaaps will contact you to arrange a free consultation. The purpose of this consultation is to introduce their services to you, and provide an opportunity to obtain some free advice on tax and accounting


Dublin Registered Office Address (With International Mail Forwarding) This service allows you to maintain the privacy of your home address by using our Dublin city center office location as your company’ official registered office address. We will then scan & email all statutory company mail from CRO and Revenue free of charge.

This service is renewable on a 12 months basis at the cost of €200+VAT


Corporate Tax registration Corporation Tax is required for most Irish companies. Corporation tax is charged on the profit of the company for the year,after allowable expenses are agreed. The standard rate of corporation tax in Ireland is 12.5%


Annual Return Submission It is legal requirement to submit an Annual Return to the CRO once each year (first AR is however submitted in 6 months after the company’ registration date). AR is a snap-shot of the company’ business activity, officers of the company, shareholders, sharecapital and people with significant control. AR is NOT annual company accounts!

This service is renewable on a 12 months basis at the cost of €40+VAT


Beneficial owner registration All Irish companies now have a statutory obligation to filing their Beneficial Ownership information with the central register within 5 months of incorporation. Use our Register of Beneficial Ownership Filing Service to ensure your company is compliant with this requirement. Please note: Although under the legislation customers have 5 months to register their beneficial ownership with the RBO, if they require a product or service from any Financial Institution this must be done before an application is submitted


Irish Bank Account We will assist you with a business account opening for your company in the top commercial banks in Ireland. Personal visit of all of the directors of the company is required. In case that the company officers cannot travel to Ireland, we will either suggest a different bank in Europe for remote account opening or open a digital bank account that would include Irish IBAN number


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Why Choose Us?

Because our skills and expertise offer high value every step of the way.

Hundreds of registered and administrated companies globally
Strong executive team
Express company formation
More than 5 years of experience with customers from 43 countries
Competitive price policy
Transparent pricing with no hidden costs
Irish and International business experts
Professional company management instead of a colourful craft lesson
Confidentiality & data protection
24/7 Customer Care support
Helpful secure payment methods (SWIFT, Credit Card, PayPal)
Integrity and due diligence
97% client satisfaction

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