Profincom is Your Gateway to Registering a Company in Ireland

Embark on a hassle-free journey of establishing your enterprise in Ireland with Profincom's specialized services. We excel in providing a seamless and efficient online experience for new company registration in Ireland. Whether you're a local entrepreneur pursuing growth or an international business owner venturing into new horizons, our comprehensive assistance covers every aspect of the company registration process. Choose Profincom for unparalleled expertise in foreign and international company registration, making us the best company registration service you can rely on.

What are the benefits of company registration in Ireland?

  • company registration in Ireland

    Ease of Registration Ireland’ pro-business environment is reflected in its streamlined company registration procedures. With our user-friendly online registration system and a typical turnaround time of just a few days for most applications, Profincom has made it remarkably easy for entrepreneurs and investors to set up their businesses thus making Ireland one of the preferred destinations for company incorporation in Europe

  • company registration in Ireland

    Member of the European Union Being a member of European Union has fostered economic, cultural, and political ties between Ireland and its European neighbors, facilitating trade, investment, and collaboration. As part of the EU, Ireland benefits from the Single Market, enjoying the free movement of goods, services, capital, and people. Additionally, being a member strengthens Ireland's voice on the global stage, allowing it to actively participate in shaping European policies and strategies.

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    Reputed and Dynamic Business Environment Ireland’ commitment to innovation, strong technological infrastructure, and supportive government policies make Ireland the primary financial and technological centre for non-resident companies. This dynamic ecosystem encourages collaboration between multinational corporations, startups, and research institutions, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and growth. Ireland's reputation for business excellence, coupled with its vibrant economic landscape, positions it as a hub for innovation and investment on the global stage.

  • company registration in Ireland

    Well-developed Infrastructure Ireland boasts a highly developed infrastructure that greatly facilitates business operations. The well-established infrastructure plays a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless and efficient business environment.

  • company registration in Ireland

    Taxation Incentives and Treaties Ireland has established Double Taxation Treaties with over 70 countries, including all EU member states and the United States. Additionally, Ireland offers a range of tax incentives that have been instrumental in helping businesses achieve substantial savings.

Profincom’s company registration service in Ireland includes:

  1. Expert Guidance

    Experienced professionals provide tailored expert guidance throughout the company registration process, ensuring clarity on requirements and obligations.

  2. Online Registration

    Conveniently register your company online in Ireland from anywhere in the world through our user-friendly platform, enabling quick submission and efficient processing.

  3. Document Assistance

    Receive assistance in preparing and filing all necessary documentation accurately and in compliance with regulatory standards for company registration in Ireland.

  4. Company Structure Selection

    Gain insights into different corporate structure options and receive guidance in selecting the most suitable structure for your company, including registering a limited company in Ireland.

  5. Ongoing Compliance Support

    Ongoing support to maintain compliance with legal and regulatory requirements after company registration, including corporate secretarial services, annual filings, and overall compliance assistance.

company registration in Ireland

Unlocking Irish Opportunities with Profincom: Your Path to Seamless Company Registration!

Capitalize on the multitude of opportunities available in Ireland by entrusting the registration of your company to Profincom. Our specialized proficiency, tailored consultation, and user-friendly online registration platform synergize to create a seamless and expeditious process, enabling you to devote your energies to business expansion.

Our all-encompassing suite of services encompasses the entire spectrum of Irish company registration, furnishing unwavering guidance from inception to completion.

This encompasses facilitating the establishment of a corporate bank account, expediting VAT and Corporation Tax Registration, provisioning Virtual Office amenities, and extending to comprehensive Tax & Accountancy Services, International companies registration, Financial licensing and Merchant PSP services

Your enterprise's journey to success in Ireland begins with Profincom!

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