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Profincom is Your Gateway to Registering a Company in Ireland

Registering a company in Ireland has never been easier! At Profincom, we specialize in providing seamless and efficient online company registration services in Ireland. If you are planning to expand your business operations as a local entrepreneur or an international business owner, we can help you in every step of the company registration process.

What are the benefits of company registration in Ireland?

Ease of Registration
Applicants undertaking the company registration process in Ireland can avail themselves of various advantages provided by the CRO (Companies Registration Office). The procedure to register an Irish company is smooth and uncomplicated.

Member of the European Union
Applicants undertaking the company registration process in Ireland can avail themselves of various advantages provided by the CRO (Companies Registration Office). The procedure to register an Irish company is smooth and uncomplicated.

Reputed and Dynamic Business Environment
Dublin serves as the primary financial and technology hub of Ireland, providing a multitude of opportunities for companies to thrive and expand. In addition to Dublin, there are other cities worth considering for investment. Among them is Cork, a notable business center in Ireland, known for its thriving economic activities and favorable investment environment.

Well-developed Infrastructure
Ireland boasts a highly developed infrastructure that greatly facilitates business operations. The well-established infrastructure plays a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless and efficient business environment.

Taxation Incentives and Treaties
Ireland has established Double Taxation Treaties with over 70 countries, including all EU member states and the United States. Additionally, Ireland offers a range of tax incentives that have been instrumental in helping businesses achieve substantial savings.

Profincom’s company registration service in Ireland includes:

Expert Guidance- Experienced professionals provide tailored expert guidance throughout the company registration process, ensuring clarity on requirements and obligations.

Online Registration - Conveniently register your company online in Ireland from anywhere in the world through our user-friendly platform, enabling quick submission and efficient processing.

Document Assistance - Receive assistance in preparing and filing all necessary documentation accurately and in compliance with regulatory standards for company registration in Ireland.

Company Structure Selection - Gain insights into different corporate structure options and receive guidance in selecting the most suitable structure for your company, including registering a limited company in Ireland.

Ongoing Compliance Support - Ongoing support to maintain compliance with legal and regulatory requirements after company registration, including corporate secretarial services, annual filings, and overall compliance assistance.

Hire Profincom for company registration in Ireland
Take advantage of the opportunities that Ireland has to offer by registering your company with Profincom. With our expertise, personalized service, and online registration platform, we make the process seamless and efficient, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Our comprehensive services cover the entire process of registering an Irish company, providing support from beginning to end. Even after your company is registered, we continue to offer assistance.

This includes aiding you in opening a company bank account, facilitating VAT and Corporation Tax Registration, providing Virtual Office services, and offering Tax & Accountancy Services.

So, without any doubt, contact us to register a company in Ireland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the process to register a company in Ireland?

A: For company registration in Ireland, the following steps are followed:

  • Choosing a company name
  • Determining the structure of the company
  • Preparing the necessary documents
  • Submitting the registration applications to the Companies Registration Office (CRO)

Q: Is online registration for an Irish company allowed?

A: Yes. For online company registration in Ireland, go through the CRO’s online registration system. The process is streamlined, allowing you to submit the application and necessary documents conveniently.

Q: Is there a difference between registering a limited company and other entities in Ireland?

A: Registering a limited company in Ireland comes with multiple benefits. As a limited company owner, the liability for shareholders will be limited and the status of the legal entity will be separate. These benefits aren’t available in partnerships or sole proprietorships. Also, the legal and tax implications are different.


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