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Open Business Bank Accounts

Our specialisation is the advice, introduction and consulting on international banking services for EU/EEA and overseas based clients, and we will assist in identifying and opening personal and business bank accounts in reputable and leading international financial institutions.

Selecting a stable and reputable bank for our customers is of outmost importance to us as it will protect the customer from risks of inflation, exchange rate fluctuations and loss of capital. We regularly review the best banking opportunities in the market place and recommend those which we believe to be the best suited for your personal and business goals.

Through our large, ever-expanding network of custodian banks we are able to assist clients in choosing a suitable bank using our wealth of expertise. All the banks we choose for our clients to work with, meet the latest international banking standards of confidentiality, have excellent reputations and ratings, offer a wide range of financial products, and operate in countries with political and economic stability. We can introduce our clients with overseas and EU/EEA-based companies to banks located in Switzerland, EU/EEA, Asia-Pacific, Americas and tax neutral jurisdictions. Diversification for security reasons across different banks and countries is easily possible and can be facilitated through our company.

There are various factors to consider when we introduce our clients to the banks for account opening:
  • Citizenship and tax residency of beneficial owners
  • Types of transactions and business model (trading / manufacturing / real estate / investment);
  • Volumes of payment transfers, investment and capital requirements
  • Bank secrecy and confidentiality along with the adherence to the latest international banking standards;
  • And many others
Services include the execution and management of the full range of banking products, including:
  • General Banking Services;
  • Global Payment Services;
  • Investment Banking Services;
  • Personalized Investment Services;
  • Treasury and fixed deposits;
  • Custody of bankable assets and precious metals;
  • Credit/Debit Cards;
  • Safety deposit boxes;
  • Trustee and Corporate Services;

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